Hihamatano’s review 『陽はまたのぼる (ひはまたのぼる)』

Pure Nibo (煮干/dried sardine) Broth at Hihamatano 🐟🌟

From Kameari, I walked to Ayase for my health and headed to this famous Niboshi Ramen shop in Ayase, run by an owner who admires Dragon Ash. I’ve probably eaten here 20 times, including limited-time specials. It’s one of the shops I’ve visited the most, aside from those near my home or workplace. Lately, I always end up ordering the Salt Niboshi Soba, to put it simply, because I love it. I was the first customer after the slightly delayed 6:30 PM opening. The line is a bit shorter in the evenings, so that might be a good time to go. I was glad that my water in a metal tumbler didn’t get cold. (Well, it’s winter, so it wouldn’t matter if it was lukewarm.) Anyway, here’s the dish I ordered. Oh, the design of the bowl has changed. I guess it’s been a while since I’ve been here. The soup has a slightly milder Niboshi flavor, but it still has a distinct character, and the combination with the aroma of Shiso (Japanese basil) is fantastic. I don’t know why this isn’t more popular, but if you’re craving it, just come to Ayase. The noodles are thin and straight, with a bit of a soft texture. It’s designed for a second helping of noodles (Wae-dama), so the portion is small, which is good for those who like to try different ramen shops or who don’t eat much. The thick-sliced pork melts in your mouth. The seared Chashu (roast pork) has a more pronounced meaty flavor compared to the rare Chashu they served before. The balance with the refreshing greens and onions is also excellent. This is a dish that satisfies everyone, from ramen enthusiasts to those who just want to try something different. ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー An account that will satisfy your craving for delicious ramen tomorrow. Daily updates on ramen reviews, mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area! ▶▷▶ @kazumanoramen ◀◁◀ Please check out my other ramen posts! ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー


Ayase’s Reputable Niboshi Ramen

This ramen shop in Ayase is known for its flavorful niboshi broth. The 塩煮干そば is a must-try, featuring a perfect balance of niboshi and shiso aromas. 😋🍜
(posted by Sakura)

Value-for-Money Niboshi Delights

For a reasonable price, you get a generous portion of tasty ramen. The thick-cut pork melts in your mouth, and the variety of toppings creates a satisfying meal. 🥢😋
(posted by John)


Niboshi Broth The signature niboshi broth is flavorful and aromatic, with a hint of shiso that elevates the taste.
Pork Toppings The thick-cut pork slices are tender and juicy, while the炙ったチャーシュー adds a smoky flavor.
Slender Noodles The noodles are thin and delicate, providing a perfect base for the rich broth.
Refreshing Toppings The青菜 and玉ねぎ add a refreshing contrast to the savory broth and create a well-balanced dish.

Store Info

Category Details
Address 2-1-4 Ayase, Adachi-ku, Tokyo
Access 7-minute walk from Ayase Station on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line (綾瀬駅 徒歩7分)
Business Hours [Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri] Lunch:11:30~14:30 Dinner:18:30~21:00 [Thu, Sun] 11:30~15:00(Last order) ※Half price for drinks after 21:00
Closed On Wednesday
Budget Lunch: ~1000 yen, Dinner: Varies by time
Credit Card Not available
Capacity 8 seats
(including counter seats)
Private Room Available
Parking Not available
※If you pay for a parking ticket, you can use the parking lot for free. Please show the parking ticket to the staff.
[?] What kind of parking and parking fees are available?
Smoking No
Reservation Contact 03-6231-2040

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