Ramen Shishou (Neomachichuuka Shoushoku)’s review 『ラーメンししょう (ねおまちちゅうかししょう)』

🍜 見逃せないラーメンの日本代表候補⁉️

This popular shop in Kashiwa City boasts an overwhelming presence that can also compete visually in the SNS era, although the visual impact alone is not everything. The nearest station is Kashiwanoha Campus on the TX line, which is expensive, and it takes about 15 to 20 minutes on foot from there, which is a ネック (drawback). However, I think it’s worth considering using a bus from other stations. By the way, there is a small parking lot in front of the store, so those who are attracted to this visual and come from afar by car can rest assured. The store, which only has a counter that extends to the back, has about six seats. I chose the signature Mapo Mien and Sanshou TP from the ticket vending machine at the entrance. Rice would also go well with it, but it’s a bit expensive at 220 yen for a set meal, so I’ll pass. It seems that Maimin-san ( @mamimu0102 ) of Maimin Men TV, the star of hope in Chiba’s ramen world, has also come. The owner, who is a bodybuilder, runs the shop alone, and the mapo tofu for the mapo mien is made in a Chinese wok each time. I saw that he makes 4 bowls per batch, but it’s reassuring that he doesn’t look heavy at all, and this is also entertainment. And here comes the dish. The impressive visual of numerous naruto🍥 finely chopped to millimeter size is still the only one of its kind. The construction is mapo tofu on a Chukasoba base, but the impression is that the mapo sauce dominates the flavor. It’s not too spicy at all, it’s a familiar mapo that you can enjoy at home. And when you start to crave some刺激 (stimulation) in the middle of the meal, add plenty of sansho. (I’m not good at spicy food, but I welcome numbness.) This will surely further accelerate your appetite. It’s also fun to have it served 豪快 (generously) in a large can. The noodles are thick, low-hydration noodles from Asakusa Kaika-ro. If I were to pair it with this soup myself, I would make it plump, but this chewy texture is also a great success. The ingredients are… tofu, ground meat, and green onions, all finely chopped, and although they are essentially integrated with the soup, you can enjoy the妙 (subtlety) of the texture. When I first found this ramen, I thought it was a gimmick, but I was surprised when I went there and tried it. It’s a true master’s technique that delights both the eyes and the tongue.


A Visual and Gastronomic Masterpiece

Ramen Shishou’s famed Mapo Ramen is not just a feast for the eyes, but also the tastebuds. Uniquely artistic with meticulously carved naruto topping, the mapo tofu-infused broth is a delightful blend of homely flavors and numbing Sichuan pepper. Well worth the trek!
(posted by Sarah)

Value for Money and Flavor Overload

While the trek to this popular柏 eatery may raise an eyebrow, the generous portion of the Mapo Ramen makes it a steal for 830JPY. The thick wheat noodles pair perfectly with the spicy mapo sauce, which can be further customized with additional Sichuan pepper for a pocket-friendly yet satisfying culinary adventure.
(posted by John)


Sichuan Pepper 山椒 (Sichuan pepper) provides an extra kick of numbing spice to the dish, allowing you to customize the flavor to your liking.
NarutoThe broth is adorned with precisely carved naruto (pink-and-white fish cake), adding a playful and aesthetically pleasing touch.
Mapo Tofu The mapo tofu, cooked fresh in a 中華鍋 (Chinese wok), dominates the flavor profile, delivering a comforting and mildly spicy experience.

Store Info

Address1-25 Wakaba, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba/千葉県柏市若柴1-25
AccessApprox. 0.7 miles (1.1km) from Tsukuba Express / Kashiwanoha Campus Station/つくばエクスプレス/柏の葉キャンパス駅 徒歩12分(910m)
Business Hours[Mon~Fri.Sun] 11:00-14:00
Closed OnEvery Wednesday Every third Sunday Every fourth Monday
BudgetLunch: up to 1000 yen, Dinner: up to 2000 yen
Credit CardNot available
Capacity9 seats
Private RoomAvailable
ParkingNot available ※Please make sure that there is no mistake in the private room usage details that you have entered. It cannot be changed once entered. [?] Please confirm the details in the private room/semi-private room usage details
Reservation Contact+81-4-7189-7639
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