Motenashi Kuroki’s review 『饗 くろ㐂 (Motenashi Kuroki)』

Udon from a Ramen Master🍜😋

This time, let me introduce you to “udon” made by a master who usually runs a popular ramen shop, Akiyoshi Kuroki in Akihabara and Asakusabashi, where fierce competition exists. This project was conducted as part of the Tokai San-ken Handmade Noodle Revitalization Project led by @hashroyal, featuring “Mirai Tokachi Beef” from Hokkaido in collaboration with a butcher shop, Iseya, in Mie Prefecture. The tempura is fried in small batches, and the beef tempura is served on a separate plate. The soup is made with a combination of bonito, kelp, and mackerel stock, creating an authentic flavor. The noodles are made with 100% Chikugoizumi wheat, which is known for its chewy texture. The beef tempura is a must-try. The meat juice bursts out when you bite into it, and you can taste the richness of the beef along with its healthy texture. It’s also delicious when dipped in the udon soup. The beef rice made with beef fat is another highlight, too good to be considered a side dish. I wish they sold it as onigiri somewhere. The synergy created by the use of excellent ingredients and the skills of a master chef makes this 2,000-yen udon seem like a bargain.


An Innovative Twist on Traditional

Motenashi Kuroki takes a refreshing approach to classic Japanese cuisine, transforming hearty udon noodles into a delectable work of art. The fragrant broth, boasting a complex blend of katsuobushi, konbu, and saba, elevates the dish to new heights, while the tender, chewy noodles provide a satisfying texture. The exquisitely fried tempura adds an extra layer of indulgence, showcasing the vibrant flavors of seasonal vegetables and premium-quality beef. Whether you’re a seasoned udon enthusiast or a curious newcomer, this culinary experience promises to delight your taste buds and leave you yearning for more.
(posted by Sakura)

Value-for-Money Excellence

Motenashi Kuroki delivers an exceptional culinary experience that defies its price tag. The generously portioned udon tantalizes the palate with its rich broth and springy noodles, offering supreme satisfaction in every bite. The accompanying beef tempura is a standout, its tender texture and savory flavor complementing the udon perfectly. Even the side dish of beef rice proves to be a culinary triumph, elevating the overall dining experience. For a taste of culinary artistry that won’t break the bank, Motenashi Kuroki is an unbeatable choice.
(posted by Takeshi)


Umami-Rich BrothThe broth is a symphony of flavors, expertly crafted from a blend of katsuobushi (bonito flakes), konbu (kelp), and saba (mackerel). The result is a deeply savory and harmonious base that complements the noodles and toppings perfectly.
Handmade Udon NoodlesThe udon noodles are made in-house using a traditional technique that gives them a chewy and satisfying texture. They are cooked to perfection, achieving a delicate balance between firmness and softness.
Exquisite TempuraThe tempura is a culinary masterpiece, featuring a crispy batter that delicately encases fresh vegetables and succulent beef. The beef tempura is particularly noteworthy, boasting a tender and juicy interior that bursts with flavor.
Seasonally Inspired IngredientsMotenashi Kuroki takes pride in using fresh, seasonal ingredients, ensuring that each dish is a celebration of the current season. The menu changes frequently, offering diners the opportunity to savor the best that nature has to offer.

Store Info

Address2-15 Kanda Izumicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo (東京都千代田区神田和泉町2-15)
Access430 meters (430m) from Asakusabashi Station on the JR Sobu Line and Toei Asakusa Line (JR総武線、都営浅草線『浅草橋駅』より430m)
Business Hours[Mon~Tue, Thu~Fri] 11:30~15:00
Closed OnWednesday
BudgetLunch: up to 1000 yen, Dinner: up to 1000 yen
Credit CardNot available
Capacity13 seats (Counter: 8 seats, 4-person table: 1 table)
Private RoomNot available
ParkingNot available
Reservation ContactN/A
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